Thursday, May 21, 2020

That which Kills the Perfectionist

That which Kills the Perfectionist 
Author Shahin Jedian 
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Class 1. 

Prevention of 
AGING PROBLEMS: Social beliefs. Old thinking. Fear of being one’s self. Existential Survive/Thrive Topics
Rejection of the now. 
Learning deeply to Embed Affirmation: I love and accept myself at every age. Each moment in life is perfect.
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Class 2.  

ANXIETY / NERVOUSNESS: Distrust the natural flow of life.
Learning to deeply Embed Affirmation: I love and approve of myself and I trust in the process of life. I am safe.

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* Melting into God—the unitive level of prayer
* How the divisions we feel in ourselves can be entry points for further growth
* The law of "perpetual goodness" and what it means to live in sync with that law and in sync with the needs of the human community
* surprising discovery of the presence of God as a light and how this light and its warmth have never left her
* Experiencing the divine as a type of electrical energy that is present at all times


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Class 3: 
BREAST/ Chest  (left):Feeling unloved, refusal to nourish oneself. Putting everyone else first.
Learning to Deply Embed Affirmation: I am loved and nourished by all around me

BREAST (right): Over protection, over bearing, difficulty in giving love.
Affirmation:I embrace and trust life knowing that I am safe and loved. I choose to love and be loved.

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Topic: Immunity Code by Shahin Jedian
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• 0:16 - 0:18 
You know some call perfectionism something else.

• 0:22 - 0:26 
Some call it some call the disease of falling into prey.

• 0:28 - 0:32 
With the elements of perfectionism some college standards.

• 0:33 - 0:35 
But perfectionism has nothing to do.

• 0:37 - 0:45 
With getting it right has nothing to do with fixing things. It has nothing to do with standards.

• 0:46 - 0:51 
Perfectionism is a refusal to let go move ahead.

• 0:53 - 0:58 
It is a loop and obsessive debilitating closed system.

• 0:59 - 1:05 
That causes you to get stuck in the details of which you are.

• 1:06 - 1:10 
Thinking writing being doing putting and making.

• 1:12 - 1:17 
And it helps you and causes you to lose sight of the whole picture.

• 1:19 - 1:26 
So instead of creating freely and allowing errors to reveal themselves. Later.

• 1:27 - 1:30 
As insights we often get.

• 1:31 - 1:32 

• 1:34 - 1:35 
In the details.

• 1:41 - 1:43 
And that is the Trap of perfectionism.

• 1:46 - 1:47 

• 1:50 - 2:00 
The perfectionist fixes one line of a poem over and over until no lines are left the perfectionism.

• 2:02 - 2:03 
Destroys the human spirit.

• 2:06 - 2:09 
And this is the disease of mankind.

• 2:25 - 2:26 
So instead of enjoying the process.

• 2:28 - 2:29 
The perfectionist.

• 2:32 - 2:33 
Becomes their own enemy.

• 2:41 - 2:42 
The perfectionist.

• 2:43 - 2:47 
Has married The Logical side of the brain?

• 2:57 - 3:02 
So what do we do to break through this pattern of perfectionism?

• 3:09 - 3:12 
For the perfectionist there are no first drafts.

• 3:13 - 3:14 
Rough sketches.

• 3:16 - 3:17 
Warm up exercises.

• 3:18 - 3:21 
Every draft is meant to be final.

• 3:22 - 3:25 
And this is why it creates a feeling of failure.

• 3:37 - 3:39 
The perfectionist is never satisfied.

• 3:44 - 3:47 
The perfectionist never says this is pretty good.

• 3:48 - 3:52 
I think I'll just keep going to the perfectionist.

• 3:53 - 3:55 
There's always room for improvement.

• 4:03 - 4:11 
Awesome. So as I'm sharing this with you, and I'm releasing the Perfections them and me and the world and everything around us.

• 4:13 - 4:15 
Today's session is really about.

• 4:16 - 4:25 
An invitation to you and all of us to join in the era of Wellness two invites.

• 4:26 - 4:34 
Our artist our creative self into the reality of living.

• 4:37 - 4:42 
Now some people have asked me to share a little bit about my own lifestyle what I do in the morning.

• 4:43 - 4:53 
How I get up I move and what I do to keep myself in this state to be able to continuously help share and Presence by Farhad great to have you here.

• 4:55 - 5:39 
First to  share with you what I'm drinking right now. This is a morning mix that I have some mornings. So it's made out of almond milk to Miraak. Cinnamon. Ginger is actually one of the best things to have during this time where we all boosting our immune system. I'll tell you the formula. If you'd like to know it's basically 5 teaspoons of turmeric 5 teaspoons of cinnamon to teaspoons of Ginger mixed together and held in a jar and that everyday what you do is you just warm up your almond milk or any other milk that you like. I know I prefer almond milk and then I pour.

• 5:40 - 6:02 
I pour a couple of tablespoons or maybe one to start with of this mixture of the tumeric cinnamon and ginger after boiling with almond milk. When you see the bubbling kind of like the boiling effect. You pour this too much cinnamon Ginger mix over it and just.

• 6:03 - 6:20 
Stir it and wait a minute and then have it a formula that I've been doing just for immunity and the realities actually enjoy the the way it brings the voice turns my throat by Maya great to see you here.

• 6:22 - 6:30 
So that was getting a little bit off the topic. But you know, I wanted to share a little bit about some of the stuff. I've been drinking or eating.

• 6:31 - 6:32 
And now getting back to.

• 6:35 - 6:37 
The knife of the perfectionist.

• 6:39 - 6:42 
So essentially to breakthrough perfectionism.

• 6:44 - 7:08 
There's really no other way other than to break through it, but just kind of strange say but essentially the best way to break through Perfection zone is to actually spontaneously get out there and do things that are different than the norm do things that are different than what's accepted you things that are different but accepted to yourself. So essentially.

• 7:09 - 7:12 
It's really sometimes doing the opposite of what you think is right.

• 7:14 - 7:22 
To really break out of your core structure of the fixation of what you've been with for so many years.

• 7:23 - 7:26 
Read a little piece from the Zohar here.

• 7:32 - 7:35 
And here together with friends good friends here old friends.

• 7:37 - 7:38 
Great to have you.

• 7:41 - 7:41 

• 7:50 - 7:51 
So this section is to.

• 7:52 - 7:53 

• 7:55 - 7:55 

• 7:58 - 7:59 

• 8:00 - 8:28 
With those critics inside ourselves cuz we have to admit the biggest challenge that we have is the critics the critical aspect inside ourselves that constantly puts his down and takes us away from the credit. We want to give ourselves the goodness that we have inside in order to rise to the occasion. So we're going to read this section of the vaccine to release the tricks.

• 8:31 - 8:48 
Where is Hebrew Aramaic words are frequencies? So they go beyond your regular realm of trying to understand them logically there for just listening to even if you don't understand what it's saying the logically or something to the Sound Vibrations by selfies keeping.

• 8:53 - 8:56 

• 8:57 - 9:03 

• 9:06 - 9:18 

• 9:20 - 9:25 

• 9:58 - 10:14 
So this section we are actually reading about not just the critic but also the Malcolm of it the angel of death that unique Angel that's constantly waiting to take a person out.

• 10:16 - 10:40 
And here we getting the ability in the next section, especially that I read to rise above the occasion and to be able to recognize first and foremost the angel of death because we without rent or the realization of the Angel of Death. We can't even come to come to battle right if we don't know what we're battling. We're in denial.

• 10:44 - 10:44 
I'm going to reach further.

• 10:52 - 11:00 
We're going to focus on the angel of life.

• 11:03 - 11:12 
Vehicle inventory measure an interesting note. I want to share with you as a side point that actually very powerful and we know that the Hebrew language is.

• 11:14 - 11:31 
Is the language of reality the language of life and I'm talking about the ancient Hebrew language. Not just the modern Hebrew language the ancient Hebrew language and they are making the language of life and it has a culture of growth automatically living in it.

• 11:33 - 11:48 
So what that means is when you perpetuate the language in your being in your mind and your state of thoughts the language itself heals you just by being part of it by thinking like the language because the language is the language of the light from the Creator source.

• 11:50 - 11:56 
And interesting Lee the word claim which in Hebrew means life.

• 11:58 - 12:29 
Add a code level at a Quantum level. It's written Fett's you'd you'd mem it has two units and the word for life is actually plural and it's not singular. So it's literally two lives so to speak which indicates that the moment you come in contact with life when it comes to true reality of the spirit and the life that we live here even practically you're instantly dealing with parallel universes.

• 12:30 - 12:33 
You're instantly dealing with alternate realities.

• 12:35 - 12:36 
Another words a person.

• 12:38 - 12:49 
That doesn't say the word life instantly thinking that it's alternate realities. There are two at least reality is going on at the same time all the time that person.

• 12:50 - 12:52 
Is losing out in life.

• 12:53 - 12:55 
Don't think you realize that life is open.

• 12:59 - 13:07 
About moment. You gained the moment you lose that Consciousness you no longer living for that moment. You're not living.

• 13:08 - 13:23 
And why is that important because we live in a world where if you start believing your eyes in the world of Duality with all the news and everything that's going around. You will start to literally live in a reality. That is so sad chaotic.

• 13:24 - 13:39 
And extremely upsetting and yet at the same time behind this mask and is Vale there's a different truth going on all the time. And that is the alternate reality covid-19 nine percent reality of the universe.

• 13:40 - 13:43 
Were the wrost high in life?

• 13:44 - 13:45 
Have in it.

• 13:46 - 14:03 
The aspect of alternative reality parallel universes the word itself for Life said that in Hebrew so you can see how powerful this language is that each word by itself will actually teach you the inner reality of that.

• 14:05 - 14:13 
Consciousness of the structure of your reality and the atoms in the molecule within it.

• 14:15 - 14:27 
Let's read the vaccine for injecting more life Consciousness and parallel universes so that we can be saved from living in the he 1% limited reality.

• 14:33 - 14:41 
• 14:44 - 14:53 
Shahin jedian
• 14:55 - 15:11 

• 15:15 - 15:22 
Let me scare beginilah all Madea Team America computer today.

• 15:24 - 15:30 
I'll David Song

• 15:33 - 15:34 
And now we're going.

• 15:35 - 16:00 
Into the realm of the heart center and the Pathways in the heart. Is that kind Enon Bhai Alma, but all my deity is a very beautiful verse the desert has connecting with ashtray Adam. David says in the Book of Psalms and hear the czar's extracting the secrets from this ashtray Adam owes happy is a man and a person.

• 16:02 - 16:04 
What was Lodi has this Inner Strength?

• 16:06 - 16:18 
Miss you. Bill baba baba, that truly owns the pathways of their own heart and this means both the spiritual emotional Pathways and the physical Pathways of the heart.

• 16:21 - 16:24 
Is that convenient the high Alma over Alma deity?

• 16:26 - 16:28 
Those who own the hearts their own hearts.

• 16:29 - 16:36 
How do you own your own Hartwell four stages forgiveness right second stage is.

• 16:37 - 17:09 
Being in charge of your energy centers in the state's you create. All right, if the states if the states of the world push you too much and you can't get back your Center. You're still not in the realm of the ownership of your heart's right It's All About Management of energy, right? Because the heart is the blood pressure is the energy and when we get into different realities are Heart Center changes, its blood pressure it the way we feel and this is where people step into.

• 17:10 - 17:18 
Excessive heart pressure heart disease heart attacks by we get out of that balance of the reality that the creator has given us.

• 17:20 - 17:23 
That would my book which is.

• 17:24 - 17:34 
Soon-To-Be-Released called Community codes, which have been teaching excerpts from it in the past few weeks and along with my other book 40 days in quarantine, which they have a lot in common.

• 17:35 - 17:49 
I've been discussing 42 ailments 42 diseases 42 difficulties that people suffer from and going into deep meditation into each one directly from the ancient teachings.

• 17:51 - 17:53 
Coming up.

• 17:54 - 17:56 
In the next 3 weeks.

• 17:57 - 18:06 
I have the VIP Connection where I teach the immunity codes the details are written on this.

• 18:07 - 18:26 
On this thread right there and you can enjoy you can enroll in it. I've made it in a way that during this current of times we can both join either VIP or standard membership the standard membership is you could watch it. Whoever is my Facebook friend at this point. You can watch it with me on a Facebook live.

• 18:28 - 19:22 
And those who are not on the Facebook those who want to go a step further. You can book the VIP version and be with me at the same time in the zoo zoo map for for dialect conversations question and answers after session connection and a 20 minutes VIP session with voice notes on WhatsApp. So those are the two options. I made it in a way that if you're my Facebook friend you could still join because I want to make sure everyone can benefit from this because this is a time where we need to give as much as possible so you can join for free on Facebook. As long as you're my face is Facebook friend here or you can join the VIP with Through the Zoo map the link and everything is written here to get the code to join the VIP. All you have to do is personally message me and enroll in that VIP section.

• 19:24 - 20:00 
Begin the skin is that alright? Because I buy the movie new basically out here. We're going into the sections of revelation of the Shekinah of the light of the Creator in the physical world.

• 20:03 - 20:06 
And the different aspects of how it reveals itself.

• 20:07 - 20:15 
Begin, Destinta a new decree. Hula if an umbrella woman in you in on the issue each second.

• 20:16 - 20:32 

• 20:42 - 20:52 
The next section to the blood so we can actually receive them and not reject them. We talked about before how much happiness. Can you handle?

• 20:57 - 21:02 
What's up, Bill Maher on HBO ? Sure who Botella?

• 21:03 - 21:58 
Todd, yaakov, Los, are there were discussing Jacob wrestling the angel of death of sour shell Ace of and how Jacob overcame the sorrow shell a sub to fight with the angel of death cave under....... Haney. Kealoha shazar after Jacob went to a heavy duty Battle of an all-night possible dream state battle with the angel of death. This was both on a physical level and a spiritual level.

• 22:02 - 22:03 

• 22:04 - 22:07 
Captured the angel of death and the angel said.

• 22:09 - 22:30 
The angel of basically challenge really every activity said let me go now because Jacob has held on and wouldn't let the angel go usually is the office if you want to run away from the angel G8. Jacob had faced his death reality Stilwell that he held onto the angel and he would not let the angel Gro-Rite.

• 22:32 - 22:37 
It's like we talked about how my Roar on the full moon of.

• 22:39 - 22:50 
Aries we eat more or the bitter herb face the Sabbath instead of running away from me instead of running away from it and numbing all the time when you faced it you overcome it feel your feelings to completion all the way through.

• 22:52 - 23:02 
Jacob is feelings feelings all the way through overcoming deathconsciousness for all time for himself and all times as he looks at the angel of breath.

• 23:03 - 23:05 
Daniel sisters, let me go now.

• 23:08 - 23:11 
Bio Michelle Cooney. Kealoha, Schaffer the angel of death said.

• 23:13 - 23:16 
Please send me away because the morning light has come.

• 23:19 - 23:31 
And I've mentioned it several times because such a profound topic topic before Jacob let the angel of death go Jacob. Ask the angel of death one question.

• 23:32 - 23:33 
And the question is.

• 23:36 - 23:48 
Marsha May the angel of death. What is your name? What's your essence? How do you operate What's Your Name another word for lessons because we know a name is not just a name. It's your purpose.

• 23:49 - 24:07 
Ancient mother that's why we get into trouble cuz you don't even know what her name is. And this is why I created the group the teachings of Soca Discovery through your name, by the way, you can visit a lot more about that. Sokol where I teach about the essence of this book your name?

• 24:11 - 24:12 
Angel death.

• 24:13 - 24:18 
Is asked a question by Jacob. What's your name? How do you operate what's your motive operation?

• 24:19 - 24:24 
And the angel of death answers and the answers. This is what he says.

• 24:25 - 24:26 
He says the public health.

• 24:31 - 24:39 
My name is Mazda theme. My name is why is it that you ask my name? That's my name?

• 24:40 - 24:46 
Think about this so you go to the angel of death. You say Hey, how do you function? What's your essence? What's your name?

• 24:47 - 24:53 
And the response you give this my name is why is it that you ask my name? That's my name.

• 25:00 - 25:26 
If you bought answer by now, great. If not, I'm going to explain it get your death is telling Jacob to see functions on one Essence and one Essence alone and under which I've only have the ability to take away tries to create death to create chaos and them to be the playing field is the time to create fake news to go and enter the spirits of all these different.

• 25:28 - 25:34 
So to speak people who have power in this world and politicians and churches and mosques and.

• 25:35 - 25:40 
Rule the minds of mankind by this one.

• 25:41 - 25:50 
One trick that I play that one trick is this that I make sure that you never realize.

• 25:51 - 26:17 
What might have to insist it denial I make sure that you don't realize that it's the time is that negative entity that centered your body that's ruling you that apple core you are identified with the light of the Creator. I make sure you identify with the negative energy and that once you fall prey that identity you can't do long that breath of the Angel of Death.

• 26:19 - 26:44 
So the biggest realization we can have when we get it to struggle with a friend or parents or people or or anyone is to stop blaming that person and start realizing that there's a Plainfield when leaving the Plainfield of satin of class Consciousness Duality and that at this moment this person has been infected with a virus.

• 26:45 - 26:47 
Ub chaotic thinking.

• 26:48 - 27:05 
The moment I realized that I can now stop blaming this person and I could pray to the light for this person to be released from chaotic thinking it's that simple, but we fall into the Trap of reactive Consciousness and fighting with her Shadows fighting with Darkness.

• 27:06 - 27:13 
Diseased fighting with covid-19. The issue is not covered.

• 27:15 - 27:17 
You should not Corona.

• 27:19 - 27:34 
The issue is what's behind it the issues when you can't see the issue is was behind underneath the force that influencing mankind to continuously be reactive to continuously.

• 27:35 - 27:56 
Try to dissect parts of the human being and surgerize it and try to treat only part of a human being not the whole being experienced. They issue is that a tarheel industry were treating the symptom not the whole person. That's the issue. That's where the Plainfield of the time fragmentation.

• 27:58 - 28:01 
Divisions little bit spell pieces.

• 28:05 - 28:10 
So in our wake up call to you in my wake up call to me and see if you into it the entire reality of the universe.

• 28:13 - 28:16 
I want you to realize that fake news.

• 28:18 - 28:19 

• 28:21 - 28:44 
Overstimulating things has lots of fans, you know, but when you tell people reality right lot of fans left way because the truth is not what most people want to hear the most liberating the most beautiful the least numbing the most amazing experience, but the onset of Beyonce people are so used to unfortunately the numbness of life.

• 28:45 - 28:54 
We need to wake up call when you wake up to reality. I was having a discussion with a friend that joined to be asked and she said that was.

• 28:55 - 29:00 
So profound so real that she said that you know, she was so sad.

• 29:02 - 29:10 
I feel like it's so sad and that's what she was really saying internally that people are going to be so shocked.

• 29:11 - 29:17 
People going to Simply so shocked when I realized that the system they put all their trust in tune.

• 29:18 - 29:33 
And you know what? I mean don't have the answers and they've been misled that all these years. They haven't prepared their immune system. They haven't gotten to know how to operate this amazing human being potential, right?

• 29:35 - 29:45 
It's going to be a sad reality because we're going to hit the space and we're all going to realize and many of you who haven't been prepared to deal with yourselves. You going to realize that.

• 29:48 - 29:57 
There's a lot of missing elements. You need to catch up. Who are you? How long have you been numbing yourself? How long have you been wallowing in your addictions? How long have you been?

• 29:58 - 30:27 
I'm putting in the num world. How long have you been just get by running away from our spouses or husband wife boyfriend girlfriend avoid eating right working hard if thinking that money will solve all your problems and it didn't thinking that real estate would solve your problems. It didn't thinking that the medical world will solve all your problems and didn't.

• 30:30 - 31:02 
Experts out. There will will fix it for me. Messiah will fix it for me didn't write it's a time for a wake-up call that your energy must come from within or unfortunately best anti what is death death is when you don't own your energy and whatever you're giving you ever played but those card from times of death.

• 31:03 - 31:11 
So it's time to start owning your energy. Okay, this is 20 and on.

• 31:12 - 31:17 
I've looked at the first-ever covid-19 book and its final threw me in the past.

• 31:18 - 31:20 
Verily months.

• 31:21 - 31:23 
It all came down in one day really?

• 31:24 - 31:25 

• 31:28 - 31:32 
If I wrote that book, but sitting here guiding you.

• 31:33 - 31:58 
I'm giving you literally gifts and you're not downloading it to the full extent then trust me when the real stuff comes up. You're not going to be ready. If the gifts are given and you're not even taking it as a gift when the real when the when the difficult time comes it's going to be much harder to actually start studying and shape up to the reality of boosting yourself.

• 32:00 - 32:02 
So I recommend a wake-up call.

• 32:09 - 32:10 
Leo Michelle clinic, Tallahassee.

• 32:13 - 32:23 
That's all right. It's a rule to begin the MARTA zimny. Lizandra Rashad the file in the kitchen. Who they are. Kealoha Shaffer.

• 32:28 - 32:37 
Oaxaca Isla Vista Club, / shoot a Nerf shooter delay, love.

• 32:40 - 33:00 
Go ashore the resident alien and here it's talking about how The or in Farsi was his 

• 33:01 - 33:10 
The the rulership of the Plainfield of chaos reality and satin is primarily strong or during the night.

• 33:13 - 33:27 
And so how we spend our nights. It's really really important because we go to sleep and when we go to sleep and we let our soul rhyme in the third.

• 33:29 - 33:55 
Our soul when if we don't have the right intention before we go to sleep sometimes can be given over to all kinds of forces. So the night is really powerful is really important to in 10 before you go to sleep. What kind of drink at flying Winter Solstice happen at night is when we go out usually and during this time, maybe we can go out for you and go to our houses are the people houses.

• 33:56 - 34:04 
And that's where a lot of internal what can happen a lot of sexual energy can show itself up into the sea.

• 34:05 - 34:11 
So it's really important. Who do we connect to reconnecting with what energy reconnecting with how we sharing that energy?

• 34:13 - 34:24 
How restricting our holding for a minutes before it becomes physical and calling in a Divine Alignment before we make connections before we have in 50.

• 34:26 - 34:28 
Or purifying ourselves for this intimacy.

• 34:31 - 34:44 
And most important if you've lost a sense of intimacy and connection and sexuality. Are you Awakening it right to connect to connect with the person you love instead of living in an reality of avoidance.

• 34:45 - 34:47 
Are you dealing with your stuff during the day?

• 34:50 - 35:02 
The stuff that if you don't deal with they come up at night, right? You see so much of the rulership of the Plainfield of this in a war comes up during sleep or during bedtime or in bed.

• 35:06 - 35:09 
The  kinesiology.

• 35:12 - 35:35 

• 35:37 - 35:39 
Real David Akshay Kumar selfie.

• 35:43 - 35:54 
Answer the angel of death told Jacob that let me leave before the daylight come they like represent the lights dim when reality scene.

• 35:57 - 36:08 
Because as soon as daylight comes you will be able to vanish me and see inside the tricks that I'm playing. So, please let me leave before daylight comes because my horse and vanishes during daylight.

• 36:12 - 36:14 
That's like a magician will you take away its?

• 36:16 - 36:22 
Little tricks by turning on all the lights and taking away the curtains and letting people see behind-the-scenes how he puts it together.

• 36:28 - 36:59 
He got mad. Galusha the history of the human Leila the entry lamp Leila. Malcal. Could you bring me a towel bar shooting with a bottle of Italia calcio everything and this is also the Zohar says.

• 37:00 - 37:24 
To the connection of the code word of East Royal which is the code word of right left Central sharing receiving in the balance between the two and the cosmic nation, which when you step into the cosmic nation of the code word of Israel becoming the wife or husband to God meaning going to sleep with God literally, that's what he's throwing means. I'm set up for the East Royal me stop.

• 37:28 - 37:29 

• 37:30 - 37:40 
When Israel the codeword of the energy intelligence of going Beyond nature Beyond astrology Beyond The Cosmic down here Beyond duality.

• 37:42 - 37:50 
Their galoot meaning in Exile. This consciousness of Israel is running wild for 2,000 years in Exile.

• 37:55 - 38:01 
This Exile is called Sasha called Darkness the Exile of. Dave's Isle of consciousness.

• 38:02 - 38:30 
We need to inject the Exile. We need to inject a light in order to come out of the Exile of this darkness of lack of consciousness of the darkness itself lack of true connection to the Tree of Life reality and the consciousness of the deeper mystery and more importantly the denial that sits on exist that you're in the Plainfield of Duality and you need to just be aware. That's all just being aware. He's good.

• 38:31 - 38:34 
Be aware in connect with the action steps.

• 38:48 - 38:51 
Waiting for their Czar portion for sat through mom.

• 38:53 - 38:55 
Tough section tough Ray Spade outlet.

• 38:56 - 39:18 
Hiccup nodigal today's child Huber Laila , that's a lady Holly tabirleri of the attack of Jakob a brake line.

• 39:19 - 39:21 

• 39:26 - 39:39 
And then what does it say later? What is the later induction and the understanding of this powerful energetic form the angel of death as soon as Jacob?

• 39:41 - 39:46 
Rides Angel of Death captures Angel of Death realizes its mystery.

• 39:49 - 39:52 
It comes in the form of a side of his twin brother.

• 39:59 - 40:04 
And they tell each other key out. Kenrazy phonetically with inhaler him.

• 40:05 - 40:12 
Jacob tells the angel of death which took the form of his own brother ASAP.

• 40:15 - 40:20 
He tells them even though you're the most evil person in the world currently.

• 40:23 - 40:29 

• 40:30 - 40:39 
It's like seeing the face of God. How does he do that? How does Jacob have the power to confront his killer and say that?

• 40:45 - 41:08 
And the answer is that Jacob understood that all forces including sat on the negative entity is created by the Creator the lights and it's just the challenges. So therefore he said you are the lights yusitan. You are part of the light that the system me to my point correction in this universe and For All Mankind.

• 41:09 - 41:22 
What police are out in AMC you are other words for me in the world of Duality if we can begin to see that The Duality itself is a blessing if we can just see between the threads.

• 41:23 - 41:33 
I'll turn right to connect you with any other team seeing your face is like seeing God itself that they're sending their for wants me to come closer and I want to over copy.

• 41:35 - 41:39 
Call my babe. Can you play some Iron Man match?

• 41:41 - 41:44 
The Hobbit hole at Argentina energy sure.

• 41:53 - 41:54 

• 42:02 - 42:03 

• 42:09 - 42:10 

• 42:13 - 42:16 
Where did that go? Okay.

• 42:37 - 43:07 

• 43:09 - 43:13 
All imagine. I love you smart ear shops a customer.

• 43:14 - 43:20 
Beseech llama on my Toshiba laptop the Cabana Bay back to show love hockey.

• 43:21 - 43:38 

• 43:52 - 43:55 
Butterfly armor review this together with you Shir hamaalot.

• 43:56 - 43:58 
Shlomo King Solomon.

• 44:00 - 44:01 

• 44:03 - 44:06 
Shir hamaalot and meditation of Ascension.

• 44:08 - 44:12 
Lease limo for Shlomo Sonoma literally means completion.

• 44:13 - 44:20 
Emagine I live nearby it if I don't know my other night is the code word for the Creator's light.

• 44:22 - 44:26 
You might not believe me buy it if I donate does not build.

• 44:28 - 44:30 
The house that house.

• 44:31 - 44:36 
Java model, bone of its Builders are wasting our times.

• 44:37 - 44:41 
Bo imagine, I love you smart ear if I don't I.

• 44:42 - 44:46 
The lights does not guard your city.

• 44:47 - 44:52 
Sobchak costume are everybody else is wasting their time all the policeman.

• 44:54 - 45:03 
Message ....and here is going into what is this really mean. Is this a praise?

• 45:04 - 45:06 
But the right to make that choice for the.

• 45:07 - 45:11 
The temple of God or is this something else?

• 45:14 - 45:56 
Let's reach further, I love this no more than

• 45:59 - 46:13 
Give me real high... hot who not to allow the high gear.

• 46:22 - 46:22 

• 46:25 - 46:29 
You want that section take some deeper probing.

• 46:39 - 46:40 
Here's a way to.

• 46:42 - 46:47 
Increase the blessings and change the DNA of the inner aspect of your foods for the better.

• 46:50 - 46:52 
Every time you eat or drink something.

• 46:55 - 47:08 
Say blessing of gratitude. Give me wonderful. If you could learn to Satan Hebrew because the language has a sequence of frequencies that changes the DNA on the reality of everything around you.

• 47:10 - 47:19 
So for example the blessing for this I'm going to say it so you can learn if you like for those of you watching and do another blessing if you know the blessing teacher to someone else.

• 47:20 - 47:23 
Baruch attah, Adonai eloheinu Melech ha'olam.

• 47:28 - 47:33 
Another Blessing Works only when your mind is on it you're conscious of it.

• 47:34 - 47:39 
If you forget about this food and you leave go out of the house and you come back.

• 47:40 - 47:44 
When you come back, you need to make yourself conscious of it again and make the blessing.

• 47:49 - 47:52 
Because Consciousness dictates your reality.

• 47:55 - 47:57 
Consciousness dictate your reality.

• 48:36 - 48:39 
Hi Helen, great to have you with us.

• 48:50 - 48:51 

• 48:54 - 48:56 
We're going to complete today session with.

• 48:58 - 48:58 

• 49:01 - 49:03 
Code reading from.

• 49:04 - 49:05 
Did he leave me?

• 49:09 - 49:11 
This code reading is to.

• 49:12 - 49:13 
Find Grace.

• 49:16 - 49:17 
Find the grace.

• 49:18 - 49:22 
With ourselves with our surroundings in our times.

• 49:24 - 49:27 
To be able to see the truth to be able to see in between the lines.

• 49:29 - 49:31 
Do not be so naive to believe everything that comes from the news.

• 49:39 - 49:42 
Besides Annika CT.

• 49:47 - 49:55 
The powerful Hebrew words to connect with the light and really put your whole trust in the light that's eats cut. C Laney.

• 49:57 - 50:11 
was she any Kiesel?

• 50:17 - 50:20 
Hello how I felt and email address.

• 50:29 - 50:29 

• 50:31 - 50:34 
Release Me From the hands.

• 50:35 - 50:45 
Of the wicked mecaf from the palms of the one who is blind that they are the Wicked the helmets.

• 50:47 - 50:50 
And the fermented ones fermented ones, you know.

• 50:51 - 50:56 
What's wrong with kmetz? What's wrong with fermentation? Why is it that for 8 days? We don't eat fermented bread.

• 50:59 - 51:00 
The metaphor is powerful because.

• 51:02 - 51:16 
When you see a good deed and you want to do it in the beginning you're excited for a second. Somebody called you and said he would you like to help with this cause would you like to join this class for second get excited and then you wait 3 seconds boom fermentation.

• 51:17 - 51:22 
This the time comes in and cools you off from the good deed did infusiasm wears off.

• 51:26 - 51:29 
So take a lien King David saying.

• 51:30 - 51:31 
The Book of Psalms.

• 51:34 - 51:37 
Hello. Hi Powhatan Enid Russia.

• 51:38 - 51:52 

• 51:53 - 52:19 
Cotati Cotati, I don't know cuz you put the

• 52:22 - 52:29 

• 52:38 - 52:41 

• 52:47 - 52:51 
Don't send me away when I get as I age or get old.

• 52:52 - 53:00 
When my Powers have left don't leave me key

• 53:01 - 53:31 
The more Elohim.... to heal a deep cut scar tissue.

• 53:51 - 53:51 
All Rights.

• 53:53 - 53:57 
We're coming to the completion of this session this meditation disconnection.

• 53:59 - 54:32 
Once again, for those of you coming onto the session later watching the replay, my name is shahin, jedian author of 42 books and films three of them being 40 days in quarantine 42c Steuben reality Divine prescription for life. And the most upcoming book immunity codes 42 codes to relieve prevent up to 42 ailments that are in the universe that have not been resolved.

• 54:34 - 54:42 
In this book, I discuss how to boost your immune system how to tackle each of these diseases like heart attack.

• 54:43 - 54:44 
Heart failure.

• 54:46 - 54:47 
Throat issues.

• 54:48 - 54:50 
Brain tumors.

• 54:52 - 54:53 
Heart issues.

• 54:54 - 54:56 
Intestines stomach.

• 54:58 - 54:59 
Sexual organ.

• 55:01 - 55:07 
Energy energy levels blood pressure and how to tie the link together.

• 55:09 - 55:34 
With your spirits your emotions and Physiology in one unit. So you can treat your whole person experience yourself and become more of an expert in your life. Take over your life because this powerful human machine that God has gifted you has many many many features and if you don't know how to work with the features, you will fall prey to be coming.

• 55:35 - 55:36 
Desperate for.

• 55:37 - 55:43 
Experts to fix you part by part section by section, and we don't want that to happen to you.

• 55:46 - 55:53 
And that's today's teachings blessings and lots of lights for the day and the week blessings.

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